Timeless Launches Historic Cannabis Pilot Program in Jamaica with Accompong Maroons

An agreement was signed on Monday July 8th to implement a historic cannabis pilot under the Cannabis Licensing Authority’s (CLA) Alternative Development Program

The Alternative Development Project has been implemented by the CLA as a strategy to include traditional cannabis farmers in Jamaica into the legal framework. Under the program, farmers who may have been growing cannabis illegally will be given an opportunity to participate in the legal industry, as a means of creating sustainable economic development and ensuring that traditional growers are not left out of the formal cannabis system.

“This is what it is about. We are, therefore, putting together this pilot project, and we are here for the signing of the first of two major pilot projects,” said Portfolio Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw, noting that another project is in the works for Orange Hill, Westmoreland.

The tripartite agreement was signed by representatives of the CLA, Accompong Town Maroons, and Timeless Herbal Care. The agreement sets terms for the commercialization of cultivated cannabis with the CLA and downstream buyer Timeless Herbal Care, creating a pathway for sustainable economic development for the Maroon community, while providing access to quality-controlled cannabis for medical purposes.

“Much consideration has been given to the setting up of the arrangement,” said, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dermon Spence, noting that the roles and responsibilities of each entity has been carefully outlined.

Colonel of the Accompong Town Maroons, Ferron Williams, hopes that under the program “farmers will be able to send their children to school and to have a better way of life”.

The historic agreement positions Jamaica as a unique player in the international cannabis industry. The country has a long standing history and heritage in medical cannabis that is recognized by the world.

“The world is waiting for Jamaican products, and this is a major step in leveraging the history of health and wellness of the Maroons… that is going to be a model for the rest of the world to look at,” added Timeless Herbal Care CEO, Courtney Betty. “We are trying to build an industry in Jamaica for all of us, and the opportunities are great, not just for cannabis, but for any other project such as nutraceutical and cosmeceutical.”